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In 1983, with a mere three annual productions under its belt, the Cedar Rapids Follies was in its infancy, but gaining momentum quickly.  That was the year a young man followed his Cornell College mentor, Marcella Lee, to serve a rehearsal pianist under her musical direction of the Follies.  When Lee decided other commitments would require her to resign in 1984, she, the producers and staff agreed that her pianist was ready to fill the role. That young man was Damon Cole and he has served as Musical Director to the Follies ever since.


Founding father of the Follies and director emeritus, Bob Gueder says, “[our] decision was a wise one ... and the community has been blessed with Damon's talent and skill for the past thirty-five years.”


In fact, Cole is the single longest running Follies member, having directed every single production since his humble beginning back in 1983. In many respects, the Follies is synonymous with Damon Cole. To celebrate this milestone, you're invited to remark on this historic occasion.  Enjoy reading these sentiments or to leave one of your own.


On March 30 and 31, 2019, Damon raised his baton at the Paramount Theatre for his 35th Follies production, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles: The Music That Moves Us.”